Monday, September 15, 2014

A Happy Gathering and Giveaway Winner

    Firstly-- thanks to all my friends who stopped by the etsy shop this weekend and partook in "An Autumn Gathering!" Your support and encouragement and sweet words were just wonderful. And if you weren't able to shop--- don't fret! There are still plenty of items in the shop to choose from for some autumn festiveness. And now, I will turn my paint brush back to creating for Christmas--- and whatever else might capture my interest!

  As for us, this weekend we stuck close to home and soaked up the gentler, autumn weather. Gray skies, misty rain and a slightly cool breeze....just what we needed after some very hot and parched weeks. 
   Sweaters and hats were pulled out of the little corners they'd been tucked away in since early spring-- and little one got to wear his adorable little gnome hat I made for him months ago--- when it seemed entirely too big. Fits perfectly now!
   On Saturday we had friends over and circled around the fire pit talking and having a good ol' time. I know many people hate to see the summer go, but I relish this transition. I start living for it the moment July hits. So I'm pretty happy to see the mums coming out-- even some pumpkins at the stores! I could anyone not like fall? ;)

   To get in the mood for some fall painting, I've had some fun going through my photos from last year's New England trip, and this one (above) caught my attention. I took it in one of the open houses at the Minute Man National Park in Concord, Mass. I believe it was in the Hartwell Tavern. The house was open to tourists that day, and a man in period dress lead us around the house--- with its low ceilings that made me feel rather tall-- showing us the beautiful sparse rooms. This quiet little corner caught my eye and i quickly snapped a photo. I imagine several generations of women and mothers once sat at that spot, snapping peas or working on their knitting-- gazing out the window and being glad to be in their snug house. 

   Ooooh, and before I forget! We have a winner for the postcard giveaway! And the winner is....
Kate! From Wonderful Life Farm!

Thanks so much , Kate! I hope you enjoy them--- and thank you to all who entered the giveaway. I will be doing some more as the holidays get closer as well!

  Anyhow....the baby is now up and I'm going to see if he'll let me sneak in a little knitting or switch out the laundry even while he is up on Mama Guard. He doesnt like for me to get too far these days. That's why I feel like I dont get much done. Well, maybe in about 5 years I'll be caught up on laundry, dishes, and getting this house all clean at one time. That's the goal, anyway ;)

Talk with you later!~

Saturday, September 13, 2014

An Autumn Gathering

    Good morning, friends! It's time once again for An Autumn Gathering! I've been busy making some new autumn pieces and stocking the etsy store with some of my best autumn prints. I cant wait to share all of this with you all, as we delve into my favorite season--- autumn!

   So come on in, step inside--- take a mug of coffee and a slice of pumpkin pie and browse the new autumn offerings....

  All of these pieces are freshly listed in the etsy store--- so if you see something you love--- please come on in and take a look! Ive had a lot of fun making these pieces to share with you. I'd love to send them off to new homes where they can spread the love of autumn!

   Thanks so much for stopping by!~ Happy Autumn!~

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Autumn Preparations

       The weather is changing. Fall is flirting with us. We've mellowed, that's for sure, and after today's heat a cold front will be coming through---- oh sweet words to my ears! And is it possible?! A day of sweater wearing is in my near future? Be still my heart!
   And while the outdoors does more of a slow transition, fall is more definite indoors. September came and it was time to start thinking of autumn art, especially with "An Autumn Gathering" happening this weekend!
   Lovely friends have also helped move the season merrily along--- like Winnie sending me some of her wonderful Apple Pie Coffee mix that she makes herself, and my sweet new friend Amy Seavey sending me the most amazing care package--- a year's reading of Yankee Magazine!
  She had told me she would send me the latest fall issue (Amy is an editor at this fabulous publication) because Tasha Tudor is featured in it-- with a fantastic article. Imagine my surprise when not just a magazine came to my door--- but a box full of New England treasure! I was positively giddy to open it up and so touched by her thoughtfulness. I've got many a chilly autumn evening's reading lined up now, for sure!

     It's been a busy week here for sure--- I've been working hard on some new original pieces to put in the shop, and in the middle of it all Robbie has started getting his top front teeth. Which, if you don't recall getting your own, is totally no fun. Poor kid has needed extra cuddles, baby Tylenol, and for some reason really wants to go crazy and be wide awake at about 10 at night. It makes for interesting days, for sure. Well, maybe not so much 'interesting' as 'exhausting.' But still....he's the sweetest boy I know!

      Luckily, though, I've had some nap time relief (he gets to nap! I try to paint and ignore the dishes in the sink) I've loved going through my photos of last autumn's New England trip, and getting out my Halloween decorations. One of my favorite little pieces is this square painting (shown above) that I made for myself-- and also matching ones for Emily and Alyson. It was in commemoration of our trip, especially our stay in Salem. Now every time I see it I can be reminded of that special trip!

   But oh yes, first things first! The Autumn Gathering is coming up! And its super easy for everyone to enjoy, no matter where you are. In fact, I insist that you attend in your pajamas. Fix yourself some coffee, better yet--- some coffee cake! I'll be updating my etsy shop with my new autumn items first thing Saturday morning (the 13th) so please stop by and see if there's anything you need!

well, better get back to painting!~
Til next time,

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

An Autumn Giveaway

    Each day I see a little more signs of the approaching autumn. More leaves are falling, some color changes here and there. And although the heat isn't quite finished with us, there are some tastes of that wonderful autumn cool the end of this week temperatures will mellow down into the 80s (yes, that's "mellowed" here in Oklahoma!) and the first of the festivals--- a bluegrass music festival--- will take place. It's only a matter of time before its safe to start thinking about mums and then the pumpkins will appear--- and it will be time again to sit on the porch on a cool morning with a cup of hot coffee and watch the neighborhood wake up.

   Feeling a little festive then, I've decided to hold a little giveaway! I've gathered up a set of postcards of some of my favorite autumn images and will give the pack away to one lucky friend! All you need to do is comment on this blog post to enter. If you're feeling extra sweet and want to share the post on your facebook, instagram, twitter or blog-- feel free to comment again for an extra entry to let me know!

   The set will include two copies of each postcard (so 6 in total) and you can keep one and send the extra to a friend! Each card measures 4x6" and so they fit nicely in a standard frame.

   The winner will be selected on Monday, September 15. Thanks so much for your entry!

 And dont forget--- "An Autumn Gathering" will go live on Saturday September 13! I'm busy working on some new autumn pieces to add to the shop! Cant wait to show you!~

Til next time,

Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy September!

   It's here! Happy September! As if on cue, the weather was a little cloudier, and little gentler today, as if to say "Hang in there; fall is coming. Don't fret!"
  This morning we went for a little walk and it wasn't unbearable. The heat had subsided and a few leaves have already yellowed and fallen down into the yard from the old black walnut tree. It's coming! Fall is coming!

   I took the photo above last autumn while we were driving from New Hampshire to Vermont one morning. We drove by this beautiful lake and the brilliant was just so gorgeous we had to pull over and soak it in a bit. Yes, we were actual, real live New England leaf peepers that day! :D

   I think I'll start gathering my fall decorating things. And planning out fun activities here at the blog :) I'm thinking a giveaway....what do you think about that? Stay tuned..... :)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

New Large Sized Prints!

    Good morning! I have some great news from the shop--- I have a few larger sized prints in these four designs that are now ready to sell! They measure 11x14" and the colors came out brilliantly. I'm so pleased with them! And I dont know if you can really see how large they are in this photo-- but they are a really great size. They are now listed in my etsy shop, so if you've wanted a larger sized Anne and Diana, Madonna and Child in Blue, Maple and Bittersweet or St. Lucia--- now is your chance!

  In other news, Bonnie over at A Knotted Life was so sweet to choose me as one of her favorite instagrammers to follow and I did a little interview with her HERE on her blog. She's got some other wonderful instagrams highlighted, Im flattered to be a part of the group!

   Ohhh, and also--- Just this morning I noticed that I had several "new blog comments" that needed approving. I'm not sure why, since I dont have my settings set up to approve comments--- but there were some of your comments, some from as far back as June! I'm not sure what happened there. But I did approve the comments now, and sorry about that weird delay! Not sure why it did that. we went on a little walk and I tried to weed out my garden a bit and take out those poor plant souls that didn't survive July and August. Late summer gardens are rather depressing out here. I see lush gardens on other blogs, and people up northeast in their woolies and sweaters already and just sigh. Oh September, hurry please!

   Have a wonderful weekend, friends! Talk later--

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Happy Birthday, Tasha Tudor!

         If you're a Tasha Tudor lover like me, today is a day to celebrate! This would have been Tasha's 99th birthday. The perfect occasion to have a little tea time celebration, enjoy the flowers, and find some time to "take peace" or "take joy", or whatever Tasha notion captures your fancy!

     Today when I opened up my copy of Tasha Tudor's Garden, I was pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful pressed autumn maple leaf, which I had picked up in the yard of the Tasha Tudor Museum in Brattleboro, VT. last autumn.
    What a fabulous day we had that day! Started the morning off at the museum with Emily and Alyson and met up with Patricia there. Thankfully, Emily and Alyson humored Patricia and I as we walked around squeaking and grinning and overall acting like a couple of fan girls. I wanted to buy all the Tasha things!!! Really, its probably best you didnt see me that day, grinning like a fool with eyes big as saucers. I was in "The Land of Tasha". And I was with great friends. It was, shall we say, marvelous! 

    Not many people out here on the prairie know about Tasha. But when I do find someone who does, its like finding an immediate kindred spirit. And my kids, of course, know all about Tasha. From taking naps to the soothing sounds of "Take Joy" or "Take Peace" playing on the tv to opening up the season's Advent calendar, Tasha is alive and well at our house!

   And as we celebrate "99", I can't help but eagerly anticipate "100"! I'll tell you a secret--- I'm longing for New England again. Especially now that Autumn is coming back around. I want to go back, and I want my family to come with me. We are dreaming of an epic family road trip....all the way up to New York to where my friend Patricia is, in Albany. I'd love to show Audrey the Tasha Museum--- and Robbie too, because he'll be a little bigger by then--- and share the beauty of that part of the country with Will. 
   So fingers crossed, stars aligned, and a prayer said that next year....we might find ourselves on another Tasha Adventure. We shall see!!!

  Til then, I'm thinking I'll make Tasha's meatloaf (Will's favorite!) for dinner tonight, and maybe snuggle up with Take Peace and knit. Yes....a total Granny dream day ;) I think Tasha would approve though!

  Of course on this special day, I'm not the only one celebrating! Be sure to visit the Tudor Family's blog "Rookery Ramblings" to see a collection of Tasha birthday posts from around the country and the globe! I can't wait to see all the other celebrations going on.

   Til next time, Take Joy!~